Present antenna design software could be applied to draw, to calculate and to optimize effective antenna for given requirements. An accurate design lets to build an antenna from available sizes of materials utilizing available space and meet predicted parameters with no tune. This creative process requires knowledge, experience, motivation and time.

If antenna model was created and optimized with no mistakes it would guarantee that practical antenna realization would meet antenna parameters such as gain, F/B, SWR with no tuning.

Practical application of antenna software assumes understanding of software interface, creating antenna model, experience in applying versatile features of software as scaling, changing element diameters, optimization.

If you think that you are an experienced user of EZNEC or MMANA-GAL probably you are not our customer.

But if you practical experience with antenna software is limited or if you do not wish to learn complicated process of antenna design you may order an antenna model from us. We recommend MMANA-GAL because it's model could be displayed and modified using free software. In a case is customer is not familiar how to interpreter MMANA-GAL files into physical dimensions drawing could be provided.

We offer affordable design for antennae based on EZNEC or MMANA-GAL. Affordable means that customer not only describes his requirement but also may offer his budget for the project.
In return we may or accept the offer or to discuss possible options.

Some popular antenna design software:

    EZNEC Antenna Software by Roy Lewallen W7EL
    Commercial and demo versions are available.

    MMANA-GAL by - Macoto Mori (JE3HHT) who wrote the ANtenna Analyser program - which was later modified by Igor Gontcharenko (DL2KQ) and ALex Schewelew (DL1PBD)
    commercial and free versions are available.

MMANA-Gal version Help could be find at http://gal-ana.de/basicmm/en/

Here is a nice article by Terry (G4CHD) “ Why MMANA-GAL? “

Here are some examples when our service may help.

1. There is an existing commercial or home made antenna to be installed. We offer to create an antenna model based on measured length and diameters of actual elements . It would demonstrate antenna Gain, SWR and F/B at desired height. Elements could be optimized before tower installation to avoid tuning.

2. There are old yagi telescopic elements or pieces of tubing and you wish to build a kind of yagi to utilize what is available. We can create model of optimal antenna to be made of available pieces.

3. There is an existing design of yagi antenna with telescopic elements. Can it be scaled to another band and use available element diameters ? We can scale antenna model to required frequency with needed telescopic elements and optimize its performance.

4. I have 20m (15m) yagi and I like to modify it into dual band 20/15 ( 15/10 ) . We can offer an optimized design of dual band antenna with single or dual cable feed based on existing elements and tubing diameters.

5. I would like to install Xmas tree configuration of existing yagis . What separation distance is enough? We can create Xmas tree model and optimize elements to minimize cross coupling of array.

6. I want to create 4SQ but my area is not enough for classic designs. What if I use sloping wire elements? We can create optimized 4SQ for available area using sloping element from central tower.

7. I like to use dual band configuration of 4SQ with sloping elements . How to calculate elements and spacing ? We can offer 4SQ or 6SQ or 9SQ 80m design combined with 160 m 4SQ within the same area plan.

8. My existing two elements 40 m yagi performance is too narrow. Can I use active feeding for elements ? Do I need to insulate elements from boom ? We may offer a model with active feed for existent or a new designed 2 el yagi with insulated or not insulated elements with instant 180 degree diagram change .

9. I like to design multi bad Quad Antenna or to add more bands for existing design. We can offer solutions of 2-3-4 el multi band quads for your boom length and create optimized model.

10. I am planning to install 40 m guyed tower . How can I use it on 160 80 40 m with maximum of return ? We can offer switchable multi band stack 40 m yagi model combined with 4 SQ for 80 and 160 with no compromise performance.

11. I created my own antenna model but I am not sure if it is correct …. We can check your model and correct it if required . We also may offer possible ways of improvement of it or adopt existing designs for your needs.

12. I am planing to to invest in a large antenna farm with a number of towers and beams . Can I order a model of it all to see an actual performance ? Yes it is time taking but possible to create a model of antenna farm to optimize distances and tower height and to demonstrate actual diagrams of arrays on every band . Stop to relay on hearsay and self-proclaimed antenna experts. We may offer it for your on a budget.

13 Do you offer VHF/UHF designs ? I like VHF/UHF multi element dual band yagi on the same boom and feed by single cable for my dual band radio. Yes may calculate optimized single or dual band yagi for 2m /70 cm on dielectric or metal round or square boom with elements of your diameter . It would include elements correction according your boom size.

If you like to order any antenna design please write your ideas and budget to:


73 Igor VR2ZQZ    Nick UA3TW